Music by AJ Lewis

About Me

I am currently a member of Meridius...

Meridius is a band from the ARIZONA desert

Meridius embraces SPIRITUALITY and EMOTION

Meridius has dabbled in ROCK, TRIP HOP, ELECTRONICA and MORE

Meridius is a well tempered SOUND that is always CHANGING

Anyway... enough about my band...

I have been writing music for more than a decade and believe in pushing the envelope. I am always looking for a new sound. I play the guitar, piano and I sing. I have worked as an audio engineer and producer, but these days I mostly record in my home studio. I use Reason and have more samples than I know what to do with. Late nights are great but morning is a hangover. The world can be shit so make your own. My mind is the canvas, my ears are candy. Time is as elusive as the immortal song. Drop me a line if you have anything worth saying. Don't be a stranger.

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